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A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

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The Beholden State: California's Lost Promise and How to Recapture It
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Steven Greenhut A Rigged Game In California, pension reform is a noble—if often losing—cause. January 15, 2016
Micah Mattix Making Poetry Matter California’s new poet laureate wants to enrich the cultural life of the Golden State’s rural communities. January 8, 2016
Larry Sand A Half-Charter School District for L.A.? Eli Broad has a plan to shake up America’s second-largest school district. December 30, 2015
Ben Boychuk The Too-Friendly City Syed Farook’s politically correct San Bernardino neighbors sensed something was up but said nothing. December 4, 2015
Ben Boychuk “Temporary” Taxes Forever Jerry Brown remains silent about two proposals to extend Proposition 30. November 20, 2015
Chris Reed Boondoggle Train California’s politicians keep pretending private investors want in on the state’s silly bet on high-speed rail. November 4, 2015
John Seiler Tax Increases Die, Assisted Suicide Lives California’s 2015 legislative session ends with a whimper. October 5, 2015
Steven Greenhut Planned Parenthood’s California Counsel Attorney General Kamala Harris is investigating the wrong organization. September 11, 2015
John Seiler Environmental Waste Tom Steyer’s $1 billion “green-jobs” initiative is a bust. August 21, 2015
Tim Cavanaugh California’s Uber Hunt Golden State regulators and taxi companies want to bury the ridesharing company in paper. July 23, 2015
Larry Sand Bain of the Union A pair of federal lawsuits could undo the California Teachers Association’s dominance. July 20, 2015
Jack Dunphy Why Crime Is Up in Los Angeles The bad guys are taking risks while the good guys feel at-risk. July 10, 2015
Stephen Schwartz Cops as Social Workers San Francisco’s police chief orders his officers to play nice for appearance’s sake. June 21, 2015
Steven Malanga Divestment Delusions California Democrats want the state’s overdrawn pension systems to dump their fossil-fuel stocks. June 3, 2015
Steven Greenhut Strange Tales in a One-Party State A minor scandal overshadows major problems with Attorney General Kamala Harris’s U.S. Senate bid. May 21, 2015
Jared Meyer Teenage Wageland Los Angeles cuts off a rung of its economic ladder. May 20, 2015
Mark Pulliam Disabling the Police A San Francisco disability discrimination case threatens to hobble law enforcement nationwide. May 8, 2015
Larry Sand Elementary Indoctrination Teachers’ union propaganda is creeping into California’s public school curricula. April 24, 2015
Lloyd Billingsley The Money Man Exits the Lobby How John Mockler ran the table on California’s taxpayers April 17, 2015
Mark Pulliam Jurismania When identity politics intersect with liberal judicial activism, expect bizarre results. April 9, 2015
Victor Davis Hanson An Engineered Drought Shortsighted coastal elites bear most of the blame for California’s water woes. April 2, 2015
Larry Sand Beyond Vergara California’s legislators aren’t waiting for an appeals court’s decision on teacher permanence. March 27, 2015
Chris Reed The Green Spike California newspapers aren’t telling the whole story about fracking. March 13, 2015
Pete Peterson Top-Two Fracturing California’s new primary system could cause problems for Democrats. February 27, 2015
Ian Adams Rocking Homeowners Why don’t California lawmakers want residents to buy earthquake insurance? February 12, 2015
Mark Pulliam Blacklisting the Boy Scouts California’s judicial advisory committee rules that judges can’t participate in scouting. February 6, 2015
Mark Pulliam The Battle of Mount Soledad The ACLU won’t stop until a San Diego war memorial is razed. January 23, 2015
Steven Greenhut The Formidable Jerry Brown What to expect from the California governor’s fourth and final term January 18, 2015
Larry Sand Will the Court Give Abood the Boot? The U.S. Supreme Court is one decision away from curtailing union power in California. January 7, 2015
Lloyd Billingsley “Exceptional Depravity” in California A double murder in Davis offers vital lessons for juvenile justice reformers. December 26, 2014
Mark Pulliam A “Mind-blower” of a Nominee For judicial appointments, Jerry Brown values diversity over experience. December 12, 2014
Steven Greenhut Pension U The real reason behind a proposed tuition hike at the University of California December 2, 2014
Larry Sand Deasy’s Defeat Another superintendent is beaten by the too-big-to-reform L.A. school district. November 14, 2014
Ben Boychuk Triumph of the Status Quo Why Marshall Tuck’s campaign for California state schools chief foundered November 7, 2014
Steven Greenhut A Few Good Fits California Republicans gained seats in Sacramento by targeting winnable districts. November 6, 2014
Ian Adams Redefining “Public Interest” Two California ballot initiatives will do more harm than good. October 31, 2014
Steven Greenhut Hurray for Hollywood Tax Credits? California Democrats favor high taxes on businesses—until they don’t. October 16, 2014
Steven Malanga Stockton’s Unlearned Lessons The troubled California city could straighten out its finances, but its leaders don’t seem to want to. October 8, 2014
Mark Pulliam Thomas Jefferson’s Folly California’s worst-performing law school illustrates the moral hazard of federal student loans. October 1, 2014
Larry Sand Resigned to Freedom The California Teachers Association prepares for life as a voluntary association. September 21, 2014
Chris Reed Rail’s Hollow Victories Budget and court wins give false hope to California’s bullet-train boosters. September 3, 2014
Steven Greenhut Rebuked Again A judge blocks a pension-reform measure in Ventura County August 25, 2014
Rory Cohen Los Angeles’s Great Flood The city’s infrastructure crumbles as public-employee compensation balloons. August 15, 2014
Lloyd Billingsley Malpractice Happens Caltrans has skirted transparency and skimped on quality in building the new Bay Bridge. August 7, 2014
Mark Pulliam California’s New Mandarins Jerry Brown’s latest state Supreme Court nominee reinforces a bad trend. August 1, 2014
Larry Sand LIFO Lite? Teacher seniority might well survive the Vergara decision. July 25, 2014
Ben Boychuk The “Affirmative Consent” Trap California lawmakers take on “rape culture” at the expense of rights July 18, 2014
Mark Pulliam Affirmative Action Antics “Diversity” trumps honesty and the rule of law at UCLA. July 7, 2014
Steven Greenhut San Bernardino Surrenders The bankrupt city gives in to California’s public pension giant. Now what? June 27, 2014
Larry Sand Life After Tenure How much of a difference will the Vergara decision really make? June 20, 2014
Ben Boychuk The “Trigger” that Wasn’t Pulled South Los Angeles parents leverage California’s empowerment law for reforms. June 13, 2014
Ben Boychuk Tenure Denied A California judge rules the state’s seniority statutes are unconstitutional. June 11, 2014
Steven Greenhut Redevelopment Resurrection? Jerry Brown signals the return of abusive local agencies in a limited form. May 23, 2014
Larry Sand Sentenced to LIFO? California’s teacher-dismissal statutes come under review. May 16, 2014
Mark P. Mills Washington Targets Cupertino Silicon Valley should get ready for a regulatory onslaught. May 9, 2014
John Yoo, Troy Senik Break Up the Golden State? A new ballot initiative distracts from the state’s real problems. May 2, 2014
Pete Peterson, Kevin Klowden Democrats v. Unions? With budgets tight, old allies face off. April 25, 2014
Mark Pulliam Supremes in the Balance Jerry Brown and the future of California’s highest court April 18, 2014
Larry Sand Terrible Tenure Are 98 percent of California’s teachers worthy of jobs for life? April 11, 2014
Steven Greenhut A Whale of a Legislature Corruption in Sacramento? Look! An orca! April 7, 2014
Lloyd Billingsley Too Many Nguyens? Identity politics saves California’s Proposition 209—for now. March 28, 2014
Ben Boychuk The Myth of the California Renaissance The New York Times turns a blind eye to the Golden State’s many woes. March 14, 2014
Larry Sand Pre-K Dreaming California’s push for “transitional kindergarten” is costly and evidence-free. March 7, 2014
Steven Greenhut Back to Normal in San Diego Moderation and reform trump union hyper-partisanship in a special mayoral election. February 28, 2014
Tim Cavanaugh Mundane Truths The L.A. 2020 Commission diagnoses problems its members helped cause. February 20, 2014
Mark Pulliam The Arrogance of King George A former California chief justice’s memoir is both mean-spirited and self-serving. February 10, 2014
Larry Sand Can the CTA Be Reformed? Yes, but change won’t come from within the union. February 3, 2014
Scott Beyer Missing the Forest for the Trees By opposing density, San Francisco’s Sierra Club hinders environmental progress. January 23, 2014
Steven Greenhut Losing Propositions California’s attorney general politicizes the initiative process—again. January 16, 2014
Ben Boychuk Road Fix—or Bait and Switch? California’s road planners want to double a reviled car tax. January 3, 2014
Roger L. Simon Handicapping the Oscars A look at some likely nominees and (perhaps) some winners December 26, 2013
Chris Reed Mixed Messages in San Diego The city’s voters may elect another mayor who will ignore their wishes. December 20, 2013
Larry Sand Do L.A.’s Teachers Deserve a Raise? Some do, some don’t. December 12, 2013
Steven Greenhut Desperate Hot Springs Another California city teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. December 5, 2013
Larry Sand Girls, Boys, Both, Neither A “bathroom bill” for California schools sparks a backlash. November 26, 2013
Roger L. Simon The Oscars Go Arty In a marketplace crowded with spectacles, ambitious small films stand out. November 20, 2013
Michael Anton Utopian to the Core Another biography attempts to resurrect Upton Sinclair’s reputation as hero of the Left. November 15, 2013
Steven Greenhut Saving Bad Apples In the Golden State, unions fight to protect even the worst of the worst. November 7, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley Take Back the Night from Whom? Political correctness and a double murder in Davis October 31, 2013
Roger L. Simon Oscar Season Begins Sorting the art from the liberal propaganda is no easy task. October 25, 2013
Steven Greenhut Republicans’ Best Friend? Jerry Brown’s recent vetoes endear him to the opposition—but the California Right shouldn’t get too excited. October 18, 2013
Larry Sand Firing Offenses California’s latest teacher-dismissal legislation missed the mark, by far. October 10, 2013
Larry Sand The CTA’s Dirty Little Secret Teachers don’t have to pay for the union’s political operations. September 27, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley White Coat Syndrome When will Californians learn to see through their politicians’ favorite fundraising trick? September 20, 2013
Steven Greenhut Eminent Scam A plan to rescue some Californians from possible foreclosure sets a dangerous precedent. September 12, 2013
Larry Sand Subdue, Contain, Deplete Teachers’ unions try to stunt the growth of charter schools yet again. September 6, 2013
Chris Reed Train in Vain A judge’s ruling puts California’s high-speed rail plan in legal peril. August 28, 2013
Steven Greenhut The Secrecy Lobby Golden State pensioners work to conceal facts about their benefits. August 21, 2013
Tom Gray From “High Speed” to Hyper An ambitious new plan shows how slow California’s bullet train will be. August 15, 2013
Larry Sand Trigger Tremors California’s parent-empowerment law gains ground—and meets new resistance. August 8, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley The Perfect Candidate Why Janet Napolitano will fit right in leading the diversity-mad University of California August 2, 2013
Tom Gray A Teachable Victory? A Republican state senate election holds lessons for future candidates. July 31, 2013
Jack Dunphy Bad Prescription Los Angeles’s compromise on medical marijuana sows more confusion. July 23, 2013
Steven Greenhut Tackling the Pension Problem After a series of setbacks, California reformers regroup. July 17, 2013
Larry Sand Opportunity Knox A lawsuit in California could spell the end of union collective-bargaining fees. July 11, 2013
John Yoo, Troy Senik Disabling Democracy The Supreme Court’s marriage ruling weakens California’s initiative process. July 2, 2013
Steven Greenhut Fat Times Again? California’s budget marks a return to the status quo. June 20, 2013
Chris Reed Will the Golden State Go Brown? The fracking revolution might be coming to California. June 12, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley Requiem for a Career Politician Bill Lockyer bids farewell to elected office and seeks a soft landing. June 6, 2013
Steven Greenhut A Man, a Plan . . . a Tunnel? Jerry Brown goes big on water. May 30, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley Brown Happens A new biography overlooks key episodes in the California governor’s career. May 23, 2013
Larry Sand Blue vs. Blue California’s powerful teachers’ union condemns Democratic reformers. May 16, 2013
Ben Boychuk Jury Tampering Ill-conceived California legislation would let noncitizens serve on juries. May 10, 2013
Steven F. Hayward The Climate’s Right for Whining California’s wine scare isn’t the first and won’t be the last. May 2, 2013
Steven Greenhut Unions vs. Home Rule A state senate bill would undermine some California cities’ independence. April 25, 2013
Bill Watkins A “Comeback” in Name Only The New York Times sees fit to print only good news about California. April 10, 2013
Steven Greenhut Deadbeat City Unions win, bondholders lose in round one of Stockton’s bankruptcy trial. April 5, 2013
Tim Cavanaugh Presumption of Ignorance The Bell corruption verdicts expose small-minded politicians. March 27, 2013
Jeremy Rozansky Salvation Through Extinction Should San Bernardino cease to exist? March 25, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley Scam Cell California’s embryonic stem-cell research institute fails to deliver. March 14, 2013
Steven Greenhut CEQA’s Hopeful Sequel California’s oft-revised environmental law may finally be revamped with an eye toward job creation. March 7, 2013
Tim Cavanaugh Can Kevin James Save Los Angeles? The mayoral long shot is the only candidate who understands how deep the city’s problems run. March 4, 2013
Pete Peterson What Brown Can Do for You California’s groundbreaking open-meeting law needs an update for changing times. February 27, 2013
Jack Dunphy Unfit for Duty Christopher Dorner was no “superhero,” and he’s certainly no martyr. February 22, 2013
Ben Boychuk A Mighty Wind As Texas appeals to California’s businesses, Golden State boosters can only make flatulence jokes. February 19, 2013
Heather Mac Donald Crazy to Everyone but the New York Times The paper bends over backward to find justification for Christopher Dorner’s murderous rampage. February 12, 2013
Steven Greenhut Tapping Eminent Domain A Southern California city’s scheme to seize a water company is all wet. February 7, 2013
Tom Gray Beware the Mickelson Effect California’s projected tax revenue may not live up to its promise. January 28, 2013
Richard Rider Taking One for the Team Phil Mickelson points the way for rich folks: get out of California, quietly. January 25, 2013
Tim Cavanaugh Ending California’s Numbers Game New rules and more audits should make the pension crisis harder to hide. January 22, 2013
Lloyd Billingsley Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees Hidden funds and a failure of oversight in one-party California January 18, 2013
Jack Dunphy Oakland Cop-Out A federal judge is poised to make one of the most dangerous cities in America even worse. January 15, 2013
Larry Sand Silencing the Whistleblower A California principal pays a hefty price for protecting her teachers and students. January 11, 2013
Steven Greenhut Stockton’s Moral Deficit A creditor argues that the California city’s bankruptcy is a sham. January 3, 2013
Larry Sand No Guns in School? Armed guards have long been the norm on California campuses. December 28, 2012
Steven Greenhut Inflate the Legislature A California venture capitalist’s plan for reforming an out-of-touch government December 21, 2012
Chris Reed The Real Fairy Tale California’s second-largest teachers’ union as champion of “social justice” December 13, 2012
Troy Senik Food Fight California brings the nanny state to the kitchen table. December 7, 2012
Ashley Trim Smart Meters vs. Social Capital When efficiency clashes with community December 5, 2012
Tom Gray Can California Handle a Recovery? Interest-group politics could derail one before it really gets under way. November 29, 2012
Ed Ring Gross Understatements California’s new public-employee pay website obscures more than it reveals. November 27, 2012
Steven Greenhut Jerry Brown’s Accidental Legacy Redevelopment in California remains dead—at least for now. November 20, 2012
Chris Reed San Diego’s Union War City workers and taxpayers face off over pension and budget reforms. November 14, 2012
Troy Senik Reform Denied On election night, Californians stand by high taxes and untrammeled union power. November 7, 2012
Lloyd Billingsley Father Brown California’s governor becomes an evangelist for high taxes. November 5, 2012
Charles C. Johnson Extracurricular Activities California State University administrators campaign for a tax hike. November 1, 2012
Troy Senik The Tax That Dare Not Speak Its Name California’s Proposition 39 takes aim at out-of-state businesses. October 25, 2012
Jeremy Rozansky What Austerity Looks Like Bankrupt San Bernardino’s new, skeletal government October 22, 2012
Michael Anton Trojan Horse Initiative How Proposition 31 imperils life as Californians know it October 17, 2012
Lloyd Billingsley Partial Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger omits a few facts from his new book. October 11, 2012
Steven Greenhut A Yes Man Says No Jerry Brown angers his labor-union friends with some expedient vetoes. October 5, 2012
Troy Senik Don’t Judge a Food by Its Label A California ballot measure targets genetically modified foods. October 2, 2012
Larry Sand Paycheck Protection Redux Unions line up against an initiative that would end payroll deductions for politics. September 28, 2012
Heather Mac Donald Diversity Forever The University of California backs a tax hike to support its ever-expanding bureaucracy. September 20, 2012
Charles C. Johnson Keep on Truckin’ California’s mobile-food entrepreneurs struggle with fame and regulation. September 18, 2012
Ze’ev Wurman, Bill Evers Out of the Equation California courts educational failure if it does away with eighth-grade algebra. September 14, 2012
Steven Greenhut They Can’t Be Serious Jerry Brown and Sacramento Democrats push Potemkin pension reform in exchange for higher taxes. September 5, 2012
Troy Senik Parks and Obfuscation A cash-strapped California agency “misplaces” tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. August 29, 2012
Steven Greenhut Negating the Vote Public-employee unions try again to shoot down pension reform. August 24, 2012
Jeremy Rozansky The Problem and Promise of Charter Cities What bankrupt San Bernardino, Stockton, and Vallejo have in common August 17, 2012
Steven Greenhut Pension Envy A glimpse into the public-union mind-set August 7, 2012
Troy Senik Gastronomical Prohibitionists A ban on foie gras sparks a backlash against big government in California. August 1, 2012
David B. Frisk Unsecure Communities The folly of California’s “anti-Arizona” immigration bill July 26, 2012
Jeremy Rozansky San Bernardino’s Route to Bankruptcy A long trip, perhaps, but the signposts were visible for years. July 18, 2012
Larry Sand Perverting Justice The teachers’ union kills a Democratic bill to remove criminals from California’s classrooms. July 16, 2012
Chris Reed Off the Rails How union power plays could crash spectacularly in California July 10, 2012
Steven Greenhut Misunderstanding Stockton The bankrupt city isn’t merely a victim of circumstance. July 3, 2012
Lloyd Billingsley Legacy of Zealotry An undeserved posthumous honor for the founder of the California Coastal Commission June 28, 2012
Ben Boychuk “Irrational Outcomes” in California The state’s new budget may be on time, but it relies yet again on phony revenue assumptions. June 19, 2012
Steven Greenhut Now, the Union Pushback Following big victories for public-pension reform in California, the union empire takes to the courts. June 12, 2012
John J. Pitney, Jr. Top-Two Blues California’s elusive quest for “moderate candidates” and other reform follies June 8, 2012
Larry Sand Students vs. Status Quo California lawsuits target teachers’ union work rules. June 6, 2012
Steven Greenhut A Progressive’s Progress San Jose mayor Chuck Reed shows how Democrats can take the lead on public-pension reform. May 30, 2012
Charles C. Johnson Lessons from Claremont, Part 2 Did racial preferences play a part in the college’s fabrications? May 24, 2012
Steven Greenhut More Gimmicks, Less Honesty California continues to play budget games. May 17, 2012
Tom Gray Never Trust a Hungry Legislature California’s assembly speaker tries to squeeze more taxes from beleaguered businesses. May 11, 2012
Larry Sand Escaping Failure California’s Open Enrollment Act threatens the status quo—and that’s why it’s under assault. May 8, 2012
Pete Peterson, Kevin Klowden Immersion Education for Parents Volunteers at Culver City schools face off against union demands that they pay dues. May 4, 2012
Joe R. Hicks What Hasn’t Changed Twenty years later, we’ve seen lots of racial progress, but the inflammatory racial rhetoric often remains the same. April 27, 2012
Heather Mac Donald What We Should Have Learned Police must put down violence immediately and without apology. April 27, 2012
Charles C. Johnson Lessons of Sa-i-gu How Koreans still wrestle with the aftermath of the L.A. riots. April 27, 2012
Chris Reed Public Enemy Number One San Diego’s Carl DeMaio puts pension reform center stage—and himself in union crosshairs. April 19, 2012
Steven Greenhut Reform by Any Other Name Call it “modification” if you prefer—but San Jose’s pension initiative will be a national bellwether. April 17, 2012
Tom Gray Yes, Los Angeles Is Going Broke Richard Riordan was right—and it’s about time Mayor Villaraigosa admitted it. April 12, 2012
Troy Senik California’s Unteachable Union The CTA backs a tax increase that would worsen the state’s economic travails. April 10, 2012
Ben Boychuk Guns and Roses Jerry Brown’s high-stakes tax proposal faces a political challenge—from the Left. April 5, 2012
Lloyd Billingsley The DREAM and the Nightmare In California, students are better off being illegal immigrants than legal. March 30, 2012
Chris Reed Solyndra Times Seven Why California’s high-speed rail project is an even greater waste of federal tax dollars. March 21, 2012
Larry Sand California’s Endangered Charter Schools The state’s powerful teachers’ unions want to regulate charters into submission. March 13, 2012
Steven Greenhut Broken Windows, Broken City Stockton faces pending insolvency and an unraveling social fabric. March 6, 2012
Troy Senik First, Do Less Harm Californians weigh the virtues of a part-time legislature. March 2, 2012
Steven Greenhut San Jose and the Elephant in the Room Unlike California’s state government, the city understands the need for pension reform. February 24, 2012
Brian Calle What North Dakota Knows that California Doesn’t The real boom is in traditional energy, not “green jobs.” February 23, 2012
John-Clark Levin, Charles C. Johnson Lessons from Claremont What the college’s SAT scandal tells us about oversight and accountability February 15, 2012
Troy Senik Visionaries on Demand California’s self-appointed philosopher-kings try to “think long.” February 1, 2012
Troy Senik Highway 60 Revisited Why does it take an emergency to get roads built quickly in California? January 27, 2012
Larry Sand Golden Missed Opportunity School choice is on the move everywhere—except California. January 24, 2012
Larry Sand A 40-Year Shame A lawsuit against Los Angeles Unified School District could shake up how California evaluates teachers. January 19, 2012
Pete Peterson On Further Review . . . Experts are taking a second look at California’s rail and climate-change programs. Will Jerry Brown? January 13, 2012
Stephen Schwartz Quan Agonistes Oakland’s mayor is in deep trouble of her own making. January 11, 2012
Steven Greenhut Crony Capitalism Rebuked California’s supreme court strikes a blow for property rights and fiscal sanity. January 5, 2012
Bruce Kesler Cal State’s Chutzpah A hypocritical university goes silent while a math professor spouts anti-Israeli politics. December 29, 2011
Joe R. Hicks Occupy L.A.’s Enablers Antonio Villaraigosa and the Los Angeles City Council have much to answer for. December 19, 2011
Ashley Trim Civic California A new law could revitalize local governance in the Golden State. December 13, 2011
Brian Calle Premium Abuse Public pensions aren’t the only costs breaking the bank in California. December 7, 2011
Troy Senik Direct Dysfunctionality California “celebrates” 100 years of the initiative, referendum, and recall. December 2, 2011
Steven Greenhut Can’t Live by Scenery Alone California’s environmental lobby wages war on rural property owners. November 28, 2011
Tom Gray The Green and the Black California’s oil industry speaks loud enough for Jerry Brown to listen. November 18, 2011
Larry Sand Disrupting Class Why California’s teachers’ unions will eventually go the way of Betamax. November 14, 2011
Stephen Schwartz General Strikeout Occupy Oakland represents an end, not a beginning, in the history of the Left. November 10, 2011
Judith Miller San Francisco’s Pension Crisis Will the liberal city’s residents, worried about retirement costs’ “crowding out” services, embrace reform? November 7, 2011
John Hrabe Redistricting Role Reversal California’s black leaders have a problem with the Voting Rights Act. November 3, 2011
Ben Boychuk The Union’s Occupation United Teachers Los Angeles wages its own war on “the 1 percent” October 28, 2011
Steven Greenhut All in the “Family” How San Francisco’s political establishment is wrecking pension reform. October 21, 2011
Troy Senik Field of Schemes Crony capitalism is alive and well in L.A.’s pursuit of pro football. October 18, 2011
Jack Dunphy A Tale of Two Riots What London can learn from Los Angeles—and vice versa October 12, 2011
Tom Gray From Rich State to Poor State California’s decline will only get worse unless lawmakers loosen regulations. October 5, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Pathetic Crybaby Graffiti Vandals Stop the presses—now someone has defaced their work! September 30, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Half Baked UC Berkeley’s diversity machine loses its mind over cupcakes. September 28, 2011
Larry Sand Contract on California How useless “professional-development” classes for teachers cost taxpayers billions September 23, 2011
Steven Greenhut The Conventional Jerry Brown California’s governor is a politician, first, foremost, and always. September 16, 2011
Troy Senik The Enduring Proposition 13 Try as it might, the Left just can’t kill California’s property tax cap. September 14, 2011
Kevin James Too Much Time on Their Hands Why the Los Angeles City Council should meet less often September 8, 2011
Bruce S. Thornton The Other California How the San Joaquin Valley makes modern life possible September 1, 2011
Larry Sand Teachers’ Road Map to Nowhere A new study shows deep flaws in the Los Angeles Unified School District, but the local teachers’ union will resist any meaningful reform. August 25, 2011
Troy Senik The Edge of Reason U2’s guitarist is just the latest property owner to be bullied by the California Coastal Commission. August 18, 2011
Steven Greenhut Removing Politics from Politics California’s redistricting commission draws slanted lines on the political map. August 12, 2011
Conor Friedersdorf The New Watchdogs Can the Web drive investigative journalism in a post-newspaper era? August 4, 2011
Cynthia Ward High-Speed Train Wreck California’s multi-billion-dollar bullet-train boondoggle was predictable—and predicted. August 3, 2011
John J. Pitney, Jr. Electoral College Dropout? Why California should think twice about the National Popular Vote compact July 29, 2011
Ed Ring Popping the Public-Pension Bubble Public-employee unions underestimate the magnitude of California’s unfunded retirement liability. July 26, 2011
Troy Senik The Carmageddon That Wasn’t A rare success story from California’s crowded freeways July 20, 2011
Pete Peterson The Hong Kong of Los Angeles County? What a politically corrupt city might teach California July 17, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Less Academics, More Narcissism The University of California is cutting back on many things, but not useless diversity programs. July 14, 2011
Steven Greenhut Taking the Initiative Democrats are trying to remove the crown jewel of California’s Progressive-era reforms. July 12, 2011
Larry Sand Sizing Up Classrooms It’s time to expose the “smaller-is-better” myth. July 7, 2011
Tom Gray Yesterday’s Heroes? Big pensions put California police and firemen on the wrong side of public opinion. June 30, 2011
Stephen Schwartz Cruel Cuts San Francisco’s anti-circumcision initiative threatens religious liberty and public order. June 24, 2011
Larry Sand Grading the Teachers Ignore the union gripes—value-added teacher evaluations are a useful accountability tool and should be available for public scrutiny. June 20, 2011
Steven Greenhut California’s Nutty Budget Battle Jerry Brown vetoes a gimmicky spending plan—and still insists on higher taxes. June 17, 2011
John J. Pitney, Jr. Blurry Lines California’s redistricting commission draws an uncertain map of the Golden State’s electoral future. June 14, 2011
Matthew Cunningham Don’t Privatize That Book! The Service Employees International Union tries to stop California cities from outsourcing library services. June 9, 2011
Ben Boychuk Locking the Parent Trigger California’s teachers’ union wants a veto over parents’ power to turn around failing schools. June 7, 2011
Steven Greenhut Proving the Redevelopment Rule Evidence from Southern California that RDAs don’t work June 3, 2011
John C. Eastman Serious Constitutional Concessions If thousands of prisoners are set free in California, the Supreme Court won’t be solely to blame. May 27, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Jailbreak The Supreme Court’s California prison verdict could spark a crime comeback. May 24, 2011
Steven Greenhut Prisoner of the Union Jerry Brown’s deal with the prison guards is the opposite of budget reform. May 24, 2011
Brian Calle Madison on the Pacific Costa Mesa takes a stand on the costs of a public workforce. May 20, 2011
Bruce S. Thornton How Assimilation Works —and how multiculturalism has wrecked it in California May 17, 2011
Steven Greenhut Little Pain, Real Gains California’s Republicans finally offer a (short-term) budget plan. May 13, 2011
Larry Sand Debt the Teachers’ Unions Cause Us The California Teachers Association is a major contributor to the Golden State’s fiscal woes. May 10, 2011
Ed Ring What If Everyone Had a California State Pension? A thought experiment on how much more bankrupt we could be May 5, 2011
Bruce S. Thornton Mission Lost California’s state university system offers everything but a liberal education. May 3, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Crime in the Museums America’s first major graffiti show celebrates urban sabotage. April 17, 2011
Larry Sand One Small Strike Against Teacher Seniority A court ruling in Los Angeles offers some hope for students in failing schools. March 22, 2011
Ben Boychuk Triggering School Reform in California Parents push for their legal rights to better schools, but the education establishment pushes back. March 3, 2011
Paul Howard, James R. Copland The Whooping Cough’s Unnecessary Return Vaccination fears allow a once-vanquished killer to stalk California’s children. February 2, 2011
Heather Mac Donald Classical Music Meets the Big Screen The L.A. Philharmonic broadcasts a live concert into movie houses, with promising results. February 1, 2011
Steven Greenhut The Acting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s forgettable legacy January 21, 2011
Steven Greenhut San Francisco’s Pension Reckoning The City by the Bay cannot postpone tough choices forever. December 1, 2010
Pete Peterson No Volunteers, Please, We’re Unionized Public-sector employees vs. parents in Petaluma, California November 30, 2010
Steven Greenhut Impervious California Tuesday’s Republican onslaught bypassed the state that needed it most. November 3, 2010
Fred Siegel Indebted and Unrepentant New York and California stand virtually alone against the rest of the country. November 3, 2010
Steven Greenhut Smoke and Mirrors in Sacramento California’s latest state budget is a fraud. October 26, 2010
Steven Greenhut Broken California A new book offers weak electoral remedies for the state’s ongoing crisis. October 18, 2010
Steven Greenhut Progressives for Pension Reform? In California, some on the left are bucking unions in an effort to rein in costs. September 9, 2010
Marcus A. Winters Grading Teachers in Los Angeles Value-added measurement shows that many of the city’s teachers don’t belong in the classroom. August 26, 2010
Nicole Gelinas Bell’s Debt Tolls The California city’s problems go beyond a $787,637 man. August 6, 2010
Heather Mac Donald Riots Without Cause Protesting a fair and open trial in Oakland July 9, 2010
Pete Peterson Sacramento by Way of Trenton What gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman might learn from New Jersey governor Chris Christie July 6, 2010
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