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Autumn 1999
City Journal Autumn 1999.
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Fred Siegel & Kay S. Hymowitz
Why Did Ed Rendell Fizzle Out?

Philadelphia’s high-profile mayor started out with a bang in 1992. But he had no Act II. What happened?
Heather Mac Donald
Jerry Brown’s No-Nonsense New Age for Oakland

“Mayor Moonbeam” may talk with his head in the clouds, but he governs with his feet on the ground.
William J. Stern
The Unexpected Lessons of Times Square’s Comeback

There’s a right way and a wrong way for government to foster economic development.
E. Fuller Torrey
Reinventing Mental Health Care

The outlines of a good new system are emerging. Here’s how the feds can make it work.
Jerry Zremski
Down-and-Out Upstate

While the rest of the rust belt prospers, upstate New York withers. Reasons: toxic taxes and ruinous regulation.
Howard Husock
New York’s Unsung Taxi Triumph

Everyone thinks Gotham’s taxi system is a prime case of government regulation gone mad. In fact, with the quiet addition of some free-market magic, the system works fine. Here’s why.
Roger Scruton
Modern Manhood
Wendy Shalit
Sex, Sadness, and the City
Jean M. Yarbrough & Richard E. Morgan
Why the Founding is Back in Fashion
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

How Criminologists Foster Crime
Kay S. Hymowitz
Columbine Diarist

Sign of the Times

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