Adam Freedman
The Supreme Court decision takes self-government out of Americans’ hands.
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Eye on the News

Theodore Dalrymple
Thoughts on the attacks in Tunisia and elsewhere


Stephen Schwartz
San Francisco’s police chief orders his officers to play nice for appearance’s sake.

Recent Features

The Mayor Who Froze the Rent
Seth Barron
Bill de Blasio takes out his frustrations with Albany on New York City’s landlords.
John Roberts’s Principled Mistake
John O. McGinnis
Instead of “textualism,” the chief justice chose “purposivism”—much to the benefit of progressives.
Five-Ring Circus
Oren Cass
Weary of megaprojects, Boston turns on its Olympic bid.
SCOTUS-care Is Here to Stay
Adam Freedman
The Supreme Court abandons the rule of law in King v. Burwell.
The <i>Times</i> Strikes Out
Dennis Saffran
Historian Michael Beschloss imputes racism to the selection of the 1960 World Series MVP.
More Less
Liberal Hecklers Only, Please
Matthew Hennessey
If you’re going to razz a Democratic president, make sure you’re on the left.
Philadelphia’s Troubled Tomorrow
Ethan Epstein
The City of Brotherly Love’s likely next mayor is set to roll back policing policies that have made the streets safer.
Parking Gets Smart
Emily Washington
How to make sure a spot is available when you need one
Crappy Days Are Here Again
Myron Magnet
It’s De Blasio Time, and madmen with machetes are on the loose.
Of Grace and Ismay
Paul Beston
Beacon Diarist

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Stephen B. Presser
Clarence Thomas’s fidelity to our founding documents is making its mark on the Supreme Court.
Spring 2007
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